Hey there world. My name is Brandon Gerel and this is my blog. My story starts in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia where I was born and raised. Due to the twists and turns life provides you with, somehow I have ended up in Vancouver, Canada, a place I consider to be my home and where I live to this day. But most importantly, I like to consider myself aGlobal Citizen. I believe that regardless of where you are from or how you look, we humans share a common destiny to transcend the antiquated prejudices and enmity only together.

And this is my attempt to be part of the solution. In this blog, you will find the latest and the greatest news in the fields of science, technology and business.

As well as find information on other interests of mine like city planning, urban development and art, music and other abstractions.

So who knows, you might find something here that you will find useful.

Turn Your BrandON!


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