BC Elections 2013: Vote for our Future


BC Election 2013 is tomorrow. Regardless of who you are supporting, I urge you guys to exercise your democratic right and go out there and VOTE.

I know right now it is real popular to hate Christy Clarke but populism is not always the right answer. Case in point, the last Presidential Elections in France. The people wanted change despite that change being not necessarily right for society. The people wanted to punish UMP’s Nikolas Sarkozy for not doing enough (even though the strategies and policies he implemented would take time to kick in) by propping up The Socialist Party’s Francois Hollande.

One year after the elections and look where France is. Hollande promised to restore French competitiveness by reversing job losses and ending austerity. Instead, they have even higher unemployment rate, stagnating economic growth, disappearing investments and fringe radicals getting more attention.

I am a pragmatist and I want to live in a province that encourages innovation and nurtures entrepreneurial spirit not curb it by pandering to special interests groups. Will the NDP policies of higher income/business/investment taxes, bigger government, and fatter public sector help the private sector create jobs and attract investment?

I know most people are disenchanted and jaded by the provincial politics but change for the sake of change is not the answer.

This is why I am voting for BC Liberals.