Social Media 101


The relationship between the brand and the consumer has evolved significantly over the last decade. And the main driving force behind this fundamental evolution is the all-mighty “SOCIAL MEDIA”. The world is shrinking; technology is growing at an exponential pace and we, the consumers are now spending significant potions of our lives online. And businesses around the world are recognizing this cue and are engaging us on many levels to attract our attention. With that being said, SOCIAL MEDIA must provide results. This article explains what you must do to get that elusive SOCIAL MEDIA ROI.
Also, I love the info-graphics style it uses and believe it is the future of presentations.
In search of the elusive social media ROI, brands are doubling down on metrics around engagement, influence, or monitoring. The key pillars of social media (monitoring, analytics, engagement, reporting, and collaboration) work together; they should not be disconnected from each other or from the rest of the business.
Social media can only deliver results and ROI if it’s used as a tool to solve actual business problems. The simplest example of this is customer service: A brand needs to monitor for negative comments, engage with customers and then report whether the social customer service initiative has achieved some Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
In this infographic and the downloadable “4 Pillars of Social Media Success” whitepaper, we have tried to demystify how the most successful social media practitioners are using all these social media pillars to solve business problems, rather than just running social media initiatives for the sake of it.


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