Capitalizing on Linsanity

The name Jeremy Lin didn’t mean anything couple of weeks ago. Now it is all the craze across the media. The story of the first Asian-American basketball player who was largely unheralded before coming off the bench to revitalize the struggling franchise has captured the hearts and the imagination of the whole world. However, he isn’t only winning on the basketball court, he is also wining big time for New York Knicks on the digital world.

According to ClickZ, the marketing gold mine that is Linsanity have effectively cornered media market.

“When speaking about what their number of Facebook likes/fans means, marketers sometimes joke about giving Facebook a million dollars to get a million fans. Well to get a half million new Facebook fans in the last two weeks, all the New York Knicks had to do was give Jeremy Lin the basketball.

The NBA franchise on Friday disclosed that the sports phenom – dubbed “Linsanity” by newspaper writers – has been not only a dynamo on the court but in the digital realm as well. The 23 year old athlete has been the spark behind the team going from Facebook 1.4 million fans/likes earlier this month to its current 1.95 million.

The Knicks’ web traffic has exploded by 770 percent since Lin’s starting lineup debut on Feb. 4, compared to the prior two weeks. Unique visitors are up 531 percent, team officials said, while video views have skyrocketed by 2,000 percent. Video views have totaled 1.8 million in the last two-and-a-half weeks, according to the Knicks. For the week ending Feb. 19, was the top visited site among all NBA properties.

The team has also picked up 35,000 Twitter followers, putting it at 230,000 total. In addition, the team says, its three-week-old KnicksNow mobile app has generated 130,000 downloads and currently ranks in the top five free sports apps in the iPhone store.

And while digital data is nice, nothing beats retail sales. Since Feb. 4, orders on have jumped roughly 4,000 percent, according to Delivery Agent, the Knicks’s e-commerce provider.

The sales lift is mainly due to Lin memorabilia. Since Feb. 4, his jersey has been the top seller in the NBA.”


Alex Steffen: The shareable future of cities

Do you ever wonder whether we should be optimistic or pessimistic about the future? If you want more reasons to think things may still turn out for the better, Alex Steffen’s your man. He doesn’t downplay the scope and scale of the problems we face. Instead, he shows that we have the tools within our grasp for meeting those massive challenges, if we have the will to use them.
This isn’t just hopeful thinking, either. Steffen uses real-world examples and big-picture research to show us that a brighter, greener future is ours to choose, and his work has earned him the ear of leading cities, corporations and philanthropic foundations. As the New York Times said a recent profile, “Alex Steffen lays out the blueprint for a successful century.”

After working as a journalist on four continents, Steffen co-founded and ran the online magazine from 2003-2010. In those seven years, he made Worldchanging one of the world’s leading sustainability-related publications with an archive of almost 12,000 articles and a large global audience. He also edited an internationally best-selling book surveying innovative solutions to the planet’s most pressing problems: Worldchanging: A User’s Guide for the 21st Century.

His most recent work is Carbon Zero, a book describing cities that create prosperity not climate change, accelerating their economies while reducing their climate emissions to zero. He is now at work on a new book and a television project. “The big open secret about sustainability work,” he recently told Design Observer magazine, ‘is not how bad things are. It is how good things can get.”

“His vision of the future isn’t granola and porridge. It’s what he calls ‘bright green:’ creating and buying products and systems that are smart, sexy, sleek, and sustainable.”

Living on Earth

The Very Best “Pay Per Click” Ad – Tricks of the Trade

The great thing about Pay per click advertising is that you can generate traffic right away. It’s simple. Spend enough, get top placement, and potential customers will see you first. If potential customers are searching for the keyphrases on which you bid and you’ve placed a well-written ad, you will get clicks the moment the ad is activated.

In this video interview, paid search expert Joseph Kerschbaum offers several tips that will help you write an effective PPC text ad.

When people type in a search, says Kerschbaum, they have a question. They’re actively looking for an answer. So start with relevancy. Think about your audience: What would they want to see when they search? Make sure you display the keyword of the search query in your headline and in your ad to show maximum relevancy. Also try to show really great benefits, rather than emphasizing features.

Once you’ve written an ad, the best way to improve it is with ad testing. Test 2 or 3 ad variations. Make them quite different and test the same kinds of things side-by-side. Finally, tell people what you want them to do when they get to the landing page.

Here’s the process of ad testing: Try 2 or 3 ads and see which one rises to the top — the “champion ad.” Then try to figure out why it was working. Next, try to determine how to beat the “champion ad” with variations. While testing, keep the variations limited to one element at a time: the headline, the ad text, the visible URL.

If you continually try to challenge your best ad, you’ll increase your click-through and conversion rates substantially. And, as you improve your click-through rate, you improve your Quality Score, raise your ranking, and lower your cost-per-click.

Also, within AdWords campaign settings, select the ‘rotate’ option, which allows time for an adequate test on all your ad variations, rather than fixing upon one winner too early.

Social Media 101


The relationship between the brand and the consumer has evolved significantly over the last decade. And the main driving force behind this fundamental evolution is the all-mighty “SOCIAL MEDIA”. The world is shrinking; technology is growing at an exponential pace and we, the consumers are now spending significant potions of our lives online. And businesses around the world are recognizing this cue and are engaging us on many levels to attract our attention. With that being said, SOCIAL MEDIA must provide results. This article explains what you must do to get that elusive SOCIAL MEDIA ROI.
Also, I love the info-graphics style it uses and believe it is the future of presentations.
In search of the elusive social media ROI, brands are doubling down on metrics around engagement, influence, or monitoring. The key pillars of social media (monitoring, analytics, engagement, reporting, and collaboration) work together; they should not be disconnected from each other or from the rest of the business.
Social media can only deliver results and ROI if it’s used as a tool to solve actual business problems. The simplest example of this is customer service: A brand needs to monitor for negative comments, engage with customers and then report whether the social customer service initiative has achieved some Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
In this infographic and the downloadable “4 Pillars of Social Media Success” whitepaper, we have tried to demystify how the most successful social media practitioners are using all these social media pillars to solve business problems, rather than just running social media initiatives for the sake of it.


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